Our vision is to help international clients who would like to or are already running their businesses in Slovakia to navigate through the strenuous tax law.  


Our vision is to make sure our clients feel safe that their business is running properly so that they can focus on making more money not worrying about bookkeeping, health insurance, tax documentation, electronic communication with the Financial office of Slovakia, and other responsibilities.

We have a strong accounting foundation from a company which have been helping clients and taking care of their accounting for more then 30 years.

We have a couple of certificates (CPAaccountingservices) in Accounting and have a passion to solve problems and help our clients. 

Furthermore, as (CEO) I was living in Canada for 4 years. Which helped me to become a fluent English speaker.


In our first meeting with a client we discuss the needs of a client and we offer solutions to fulfil those needs and focus on our mutual cooperation.

We build relationships because we value our clients. We focus on clear communication and make sure we all understand each other to establish a win-win cooperation.  

We believe strong relationships are necessary for great accounting and excellent businesses.  

The first meeting is for free.




We help our clients with all the documentation and communication with the Financial office of Slovakia on their behalf.

At our first/second meeting we proceed with a power of attorney regarding: electronic communication with the Financial office of Slovakia, for registering for health and social insurance, and other needed responsibilities.   

We offer these services:

- Bookkeeping 

- Electronic communication with the       

  financial office

- Registration at health and social


- Payroll accounting 

- VAT reports

- Tax documentation

- Accounting support for private


- Triangular trade (EU) accounting

- Financial reports every three months 

- Email response within a day Mon-Sun

- And more according to the needs of a


Price is always dependable on an amount of accounting units and services needed for clients' business. It depends on a scale of a company and entrepreneur needs . 

The first meeting is for free. 

Let's book a meeting. 





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Feel free to fill the contact form with basic information with message with this information: 

Private entrepreneur or company, non VAT or VAT payer, date/time (for example 10.4.2019/10:30)

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and we will arrange a meeting. 

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